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Depicted above is the cover of Batman: Gotham City Police Department #2, published not so long ago in the halcyon days of 1996.  The cover is dominated by Harvey Bullock, a controversial Gotham City detective.  We know that citizens maintain certain rights when confronted by a police officer. There are many, many criminal procedure law blogs out there that explain these rights to citizens and other lawyers alike. But based on Detective Bullock’s Wikipedia entry, we’re going to stay clear of him and not invoke any legalisms in his presence. We’re too scared. Unless Batman’s around, we guess. But he’s pretty scary, too, no?

According to news reports, there may not be any hot coffee lawsuits against McDonald’s in Mumbai for a while. That’s because the franchise has run out of beans!

This week, we discussed the viral firestorm that has befallen Progressive Insurance Company after one man claimed it “defended his sister’s killer in court” over a UIM claim. (We still maintain that the whole ordeal is premised on a fundamental misunderstanding of the role of UIM insurance and claims over same.). Since that time, news about the underlying trial has come to light. As we expected, at issue was the alleged contributory negligence of the man’s sister. Despite testimony from the police department’s accident reconstructionist and other witnesses that the sister ran a red light, the jury found her not to be negligent. The estate was awarded $760k in damages, but there is still no news on the limits of Progressive’s UIM policy. We will keep you posted as more information surfaces, as it appears that everyone on the Internet is still talking about this one.

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