Friday Links

“Treason punishable by Gaalak,” proclaims the cover of Coneheads #4, published not so long ago in 1994 in conjunction with the previous year’s film of the same name. Treason, of course, is a crime, and our own U.S. Constitution establishes an evidentiary standard for treason prosecutions. We wonder if the planet Remulak similarly requires the testimony of two witnesses to convict a treason defendant. Perhaps, in this issue, the careful reader may discover the answer to that question, But then again, perhaps not, as how many readers of 18 year old Coneheads comics are that careful?

The most recent issue of the Greenville County Bar Association’s newsletter contains a reprint of our editor Jim Dedman’s recent post on the benefits of local bar membership. Check out page 7 of the PDF!

GWB lawyers Childs Cantey Thrasher and John T. Lay recently published an article titled “Potential Liability for Attorneys Engaging Co-counsel and Referrals” in the most recent addition of the International Association of Defense Counsel (IADC) newsletter.  The article discusses professional liability claims against attorneys using outside counsel and initiatives to avoid these claims.  Click here to read the full article in PDF.

Speaking of firm news, Stuart Mauney, a GWB lawyer and a frequent guest contributor here, has been re-elected to serve another two year term representing the 13th Judicial Circuit in the South Carolina Bar House of Delegates. Oh, and if you want to follow Stuart on Twitter, you can access his account here.

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