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As we previously mentioned, we here at Abnormal Use are spending May 2012 focusing on comic book covers featuring police line-ups.  Above, you’ll see the cover of Dick Tracy #89, published way, way back in 1955. There’s nothing particularly jarring about the line-up itself (and much of that Warren Court jurisprudence was years in the future, anyway).  However, what strikes us about this cover is the amateur logo on the side of the police video camera. “Police T.V.”? In stencil? Wow, police, you couldn’t outsource that? Sigh.

Whoa! If you can believe it, this is our 650th post here at Abnormal Use! That’s a lot! Does this mean that we are in the same realm as Action Comics, which published its 650th issue back in the halcyon days of 1990, or even Detective Comics, which published its own 650th issue back in the fateful year of 1992? Superman published its 650th issue in 2006, as did Batman. We’re in good company.

Our own bloggers Stuart Mauney and Rob Green were recently published in the ABA Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section’s Committee Spring 2012 Committee News newsletter. Their article is called “Emergency Response To Catastrophic Trucking Accidents.”  It can be found on page 3 of the PDF newsletter. Check it out. I mean, really, it’s got the word “catastrophic” right there in the title. You have to read it.

Once again, our pals at The Law and the Multiverse are offering some online CLEs. Not to be missed.

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