Friday Links

Behold, the cover of Sam Hill: Private Eye #4, published way, way back in 1950. In that issue, we see that a trial is taking place, and Sam Hill, “America’s hard-boiled, wise-cracking sleuth,” is called to the stand to testify as a witness. “Careful what you say, Sam!” says a villain. “My boys will be watching you.”  Undeterred, Sam replies, “Tell ’em to listen real close, too! They’ll hear the whole truth and nothing but!” Replies another gangster: “If we do, you’ll never leave that witness chair alive!” This is some frightful courtroom conduct. We trust that Sam stayed true to his guns, testified against the criminals, and justice triumphed in the end. Surely he did, right?

As you know, we here at Abnormal Use are big fans of the rock group R.E.M. Back in September, we wrote an obituary of sorts when the band announced its break-up after 31 years. We bring that up so as to direct you to this fantastic piece at The Onion AV Club, in which writer Steve Hyden explores his life-long love the band. It’s the first component of a multi-part series in which he explores the band’s output, starting with the material from the late 1980s, when he first encountered the group and its music.

Speaking of music, a columnist at The Philly Post has published a piece called “Why I Hate Bruce Springsteen.”  What the heck? We’re going to have to ask our blog pals Steve McConnell of the Drug and Device Law blog and Max Kennerly of the Litigation & Trial law blog to investigate this blasphemy. (Hat Tip: @blogness).

In a post entitled “Brainstorming Warning Labels for Purchases of a Legal Education,” Attorney Indy at the Mercho Legal Services blog responds to our writer Frances Zacher’s series of posts this week on legal education.

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