One Year Ago Today: The Stella Liebeck McDonald’s Hot Coffee FAQ

One year ago today on January 25, 2011, we first published our Stella Liebeck McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case FAQ post.  We are still proud of that piece, which we intended to serve as an objective accounting of the case using only the primary sources, pleadings, motions, and other court documents, as well as some contemporary media coverage of the case from 1994.  It is by far one of our most popular posts, and we suspect that it led to later citations in The New York Times and NPR. We have written a lot about that case since then, and we hate to dwell, so we would just direct your attention back to the FAQ file once more today, its birthday.

Coincidentally, in 2011, the Liebeck case reemerged in the mainstream media as a talking point, primarily due to the release of Plaintiff’s attorney Susan Saladoff’s would-be documentary, “Hot Coffee.” Apparently ignoring our objective accounting of the case, some have continued to promote the myth that McDonald’s serves an unreasonably dangerous product. Just this week, The Pop Tort blog set out on a campaign to highjack a McDonald’s Twitter promotion. The blog has encouraged its readers to utilize the company’s #McDStories hashtag to spread the word that “seriously injuring customers and then viciously fighting them in court . . .” is wrong. Or, in the alternative, you can tweet about meeting your spouse over a honey mustard dipped McNugget.

Of course, we are all entitled to our opinions. We just hope our FAQ file has helped provide you with some basis for them – whatever they may be.

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