Friday Links

So, we thought we would escape from the world a bit this past weekend and revisit Superman Returns, the 2006 reboot of the Man of Steel film franchise directed by Bryan Singer and starring Brandon Routh as Supes.  Well, before we even reached the halfway point of the film, we bristled at a very basic legal mistake.  Villian Lex Luthor is a free man because Superman “missed a court date.”  Well, that’s an interesting procedurla twist.  Specifically, though, a character remarks that “the appellate court” called Superman as a witness, and Superman – whose extended absence from the Earth is a key plot point of the film – didn’t appear when summoned.  Thus, Luthor goes free.  But appellate courts don’t call witnesses!  (Note: We’re obviously not the first ones to point this out, but we are the most recent bloggers to be irked by it.).  By the way, that’s the cover of the DC Comics Superman Returns comic adaptation depicted above.

The wonderful, wonderful Etta James will be missed by us.  May she rest in peace.

Katherine Frye of the North Carolina Law Blog asks: “Should I Delete My Facebook Account?”  She’s not asking whether she, the lawyer, should delete her own Facebook account, but how she, as an advocate, should address her clients concerns about their own social media profiles.

If you follow Zoey Deschanel’s litigation choices, then you must see here.

Read this 1985 letter from Roger Enrico, the chief executive officer of PepsiCo, on the release of New Coke. (Hat Tip: Letters of Note).

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