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As 2011 draws to a close, we here at Abnormal Use have looked back on the year and shared with you both our favorite posts of 2011 and the Abnormal Interviews we published in the preceding twelve months.  One thing that we have not yet addressed is our great fondness of your reader comments and feedback.  We have received all sorts of comments this year, from congratulations, to praise, to vitriol.  (We certainly opened a can of worms with our discussion of the McDonald’s hot coffee case and our review of a plaintiff’s attorney’s documentary on same).

So, in the coming year, we humbly request that you please keep your thoughts and comments coming.  Even if you disagree with us, we hope you will share your opinions and observations (and judging by the past year, none of you are shy about doing so).

We also remind you that there are several ways to get a hold of us.  We are all into this social media thing and offer such outlets.

The blog itself:  First and foremost, you can comment and communicate with us directly right here on the blog itself. Don’t forget, too, that in the right hand column we feature a complete list of our writers and contributors. If you click on one of those names, you will be taken to that individual’s official biography on our law firm’s website, where you contact that writer directly via email if you wish.

Twitter:  We here at Abnormal Use love Twitter, and we tweet links to each blog post. We also try to interact with our friends and legal colleagues in the Twittersphere.  You can reach us on Twitter at @gwblawfirm.  So, if you like Twitter as much as we do, tweet us!

Facebook:  This year, we finally set up a Facebook page for Abnormal Use.  If you are a sporadic visitor to our website, but a frequent visitor to Facebook, you can follow our updates there without ever having to leave your favorite social network.  Click here to reach us there.

Now that you know all of the ways to reach us, please drop us a line in 2012!

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