Susan Saladoff, “Hot Coffee” Director, on “The Colbert Report” Tonight

Tonight, plaintiff’s attorney and documentary filmmaker Susan Saladoff will appear on “The Colbert Report” on Comedy Central, which airs at 11:30 p.m. Eastern and 10:30 p.m. Central. Presumably, she’ll be promoting the imminent DVD release of her “Hot Coffee” documentary and sharing her objections to tort reform. You might recall – because we mention it quite frequently – that we have more than a passing interest in the Stella Liebeck McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case and Ms. Saladoff’s documentary on same.  Not only did we review Saladoff’s “Hot Coffee” documentary when it aired on HBO this past summer, we also chronicled Ms. Saladoff’s background as a prominent plaintiff’s attorney back in January when the documentary premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.  We look forward to seeing her on “The Colbert Report” tonight and seeing what she has to say about tort reform generally and the Liebeck case specifically.  We are particularly interested to see how the character Stephen Colbert plays on his show will grill Ms. Saladoff on her opinions and litigious background.  Rest assured that our writer Nick Farr is on the case and will be burning the midnight oil tonight to offer his commentary to you first thing tomorrow.  Because Comedy Central typically posts these interviews online shortly after their original air date, we will also try to embed or otherwise link the video so you can watch it yourself. We are looking forward to it and will keep you posted. (Hat Tip: Albuquerque Journal).

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