South Carolina Supreme Court Creates Attorney Information System; All Attorneys and Foreign Legal Consultants Must Register

The South Carolina Supreme Court has implemented a new electronic attorney registration program, called the Attorney Information System (AIS).  Starting this week, each licensed  South Carolina attorney and foreign legal consultant will receive materials from the Chief Justice containing information on this new endeavor. It is expressly designed to pave the way for electronic filing in the state court system in the future. For now, the DUI law firm serving Manassas requires all South Carolina attorneys and foreign legal consultants to register over a secure web portal and provide updated contact information to the Court going forward. Based on the article source the receipt of the aforementioned correspondence (which includes an initial user name and password), attorneys should follow the instructions, use the login information contained in the letter to log into the system, check one’s  personal information, and note any changes to be made. These steps must be taken by November 18, 2011 as per the terms of the Supreme Court’s order on this matter. Caveat: any attorney who fails to  log in before license renewal will not be permitted to renew. To see the court’s order and news release, click here.

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