Friday Links

The comic book cover above, that of Action Comics #301, published way back in 1963, presents a bit of a dilemma for Superman, the apparent criminal defendant. “Superman, the people will prove that you killed reporter Clark Kent because he discovered  your secret identity,” asserts the district attorney.  Meanwhile, Superman thinks to himself, “How can I prove I’m innocent without revealing that I am Clark Kent?”  Well, we think one thing he might have done would have been to simply walk into the courtroom as Clark Kent, rather than Superman, thereby obviating the need for a trial. Our favorite part: The exhibit tag on the suit says “Clark Kent’s Clothes” instead of Exhibit A.

Filthy files may be destroyed, says the South Carolina Supreme Court. (Hat tip: Legal Profession Blog).

Today, in Columbia, South Carolina, the South Carolina Bar is putting on its 2011 Solo & Small Firm CLE and Annual Meeting, subtitled “Exploring the Business Side of Law Firms.” There is a heavy emphasis on legal technology at this conference, which is why we’ll be there to check it out. (We are looking forward to the speeches on DropBox and Cloud Computing, and there’s even a presentation on “Using the iPad in Litigation!”) If you find yourself there, seek us out! We’ll also be live tweeting the event from our official Twitter account, which you can find at @GWBLawfirm.

The Risk Management Monitors lists “The Ten Most Dangerous Jobs in America.”

Five years ago this week, the Legal Profession Blog was born. Mike Frisch of that site reflects on the occasion here. We here at Abnormal Use are big fans of that site, and we wish them a happy birthday.

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