Friday Links

Above you’ll find the cover of Batman Gotham Adventures #35, published not too long ago in 2001. There Batman stands behind the judicial bench, gavel in hand, with some type of governmental shield in the background. The bench itself is even emblazoned with the scales of justice. “Crime and Punishment,” reads the tagline on the issue’s cover. This cover begs the question: What is Batman doing in a courtroom? Why is he the judge? Was he appointed by the president? (We’d love to see that confirmation hearing). Or is this state court? Why isn’t he out catching bad guys?

By the way, you might recall our humble appeal a few weeks back to nominate us for this year’s ABA Journal Best Blawgs Award. Well, today is the last day that the ABA Journal is accepting those nominations.  The deadline is finally upon us! We’d sure appreciate it if you would consider nominating us for the honor, and we thank you if you have done so already. For information on how to make a nomination, please see here.

If you’re a South Carolina lawyer, turn to page 30 of this month’s South Carolina Lawyer bar magazine to see an article written by GWB associate and former Abnormal Use contributor Mary Giorgi.  It’s title: “Admissibility of Expert Testimony and Scientific Evidence / It Must Be Required to Be Desired.” Good reading, to be sure, and if you’re feeling nostalgic, check out Mary’s past blog posts here.

In this recent post, Kevin Underhill of the very funny Lowering The Bar law blog remarks upon news reports of an Iowa man sentenced to ten days in jail for failing to timely return materials checked out from his local library.  What got our attention, though, was Kevin’s linking of a past piece on the President George Washington Library Book Presidential Scandal. We’re stunned. Agog, even.

Last but not least: Orangutans use iPads! (Hat tip: iPhone J.D. blog).