Friday Links

  • Above, you’ll find the cover of Four Color #13, published way, way back in 1942. We here at Abnormal Use are not criminal lawyers, so we can’t say how often prosecutors disarm thugs on city rooftops. We do remember something from law school about prosecutorial discretion, though, so perhaps cavalier rooftop melees fall into that category. We’d have to look at our notes. Nevertheless, we are big fans of the exploits of Mr. District Attorney.
  • Yes, yes, our Star Wars post this morning was, in fact, an April Fool’s Day joke. It was a bit more transparent than our April 1 offering from last year, which you can revisit here.
  • Yet again, we’ve recalled some legal rock songs we neglected to include on the list we published two weeks ago. How could we forget Wilco’s “Passenger Side,” in which the singer notes, “I’ve got a court date coming this June / I’ll be driving soon”? Or Grace Potter and the Nocturnals’ “Paris (Ooh La La),” in which the singer exclaims, “If I was a judge, I’d break the law”? Or even Son Volt’s “Down to the Wire,” which features the line, “No jury will have a final say / Everyone knows the jury is guilty.” Oh, well, we’re sure others will come to us in the future, as well. Let us know if you recall any we haven’t mentioned.

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