New Year’s Links

  • We here at Abnormal Use are still surprised that this is our last post of 2010. So without further ado, we present our final “Friday Links” of the year. Have a safe evening tonight.
  • The Criminal Justice Degrees Program lists the “10 Best Legal Shows in TV History” (including embedded video). Without a mention of Harvey Birdman, the list is a bit mainstream, but it’s definitely worth your review. (Hat tip: The Volokh Conspiracy).
  • We’ve not yet seen the new remake of True Grit, but we see that at least two legal blogs have remarked upon legal concepts depicted in the film. That’s right; both the EvidenceProf Blog and The Faculty Lounge are abuzz with legalisms in the latest cinematic offering from the Coen Brothers. See here and here for more.
  • Jeremy Telman of the Contracts Prof Blog comments upon the new lawsuit filed by the actres Zooey Deschanel. Kudos to him for the Lady Duff Gordon reference.
  • As 2010 draws to a close, we thank Dan Eller and Mary Giorgi for their contributions to the site. Both began the year as founding contributors to this site, and both have now retired from the blog (although we still get to see them each day at the office). Associate Frances Zacher took the place of Dan a few months ago, and starting next week, associate Nick Farr will assume responsibility for Mary’s beat on the blog.

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