Friday Links

  • Daredevil is the blind superhero whose alter ego is Matt Murdock, a successful New York attorney. You read that right: He is a lawyer by day, costumed superhero by night. (You may remember the awful 2003 film adaptation starring Ben Affleck). But there’s a problem with the cover of Daredevil #230, depicted above and published way back in 1986. Murdock’s desk is way, way too organized to be that of a lawyer – any lawyer – maintaining any type of practice at all. Sure, the phone is off the hook, and there’s a few wads of paper on the floor, but look at how neat the rest of the desk appears to be. It just doesn’t work. (Incidentally, in this particular storyline, Murdock is disbarred after The Kingpin, a nefarious super villain, learns his identity and uses allegations of professional misconduct against Murdock. Are super villains so evil now that they accuse their superhero adversaries of violating their profession’s rules of disciplinary conduct? Yikes!).
  • Congratulations to occasional blog contributor, and perhaps more importantly, our boss, Mills Gallivan for receiving the prestigious Robert Hemphill Award from the South Carolina Defense Trial Attorneys Association last weekend at its annual meeting in Pinehurst, North Carolina.
  • More good news: Mark Herrmann, one of the founders of the Drug and Device Law blog, is triumphantly returning to the blogosphere. However, he won’t be coming back to his own stomping grounds. Rather, he’ll be covering the in house counsel beat at Above the Law. (The official announcement from ATL itself can be found here.).
  • Although we only recently discovered the site, the iPhone J.D. blog – dedicated to lawyers using iPhonescelebrated its second anniversary this week.
  • We’re too out of the loop to know anything about alcoholic energy drinks, but according to this piece in the Wall Street Journal, the FDA is about to bring the hammer down on them.
  • If you’ve not read this article from last week’s New York Times regarding the rise of litigation finance companies, you should. It’s a burgeoning industry, and it’s something defense lawyers should be aware of. (Hat Tip: Civil Procedure and Federal Courts Blog).
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