Friday Links

In the comic book cover above, World’s Finest #186, published in 1969, we learn that Superman may not be the biggest fan of the federal sentencing guidelines. Or the Eighth Amendment, for that matter.

Last week, we posted our review of the awful new television legal drama, “Outlaw,” starring Jimmy Smits. Just a few days later, the Above The Law blog published its own review of the first episode. Are we here at Abnormal Use now trendsetters?

John A. Day at the Day on Torts blog has a post entitled “Googling Potential Jurors,” in which he analyzes one trial court’s recent prohibition of Plaintiff’s counsel using Google in the courtroom to investigate those who might become jurors. On appeal, the appellate court rebuked the trial court for shutting down the searches. (See also this post at the Internet Cases blog for more on that same case).

David A. Oliver at the DRI Blog asks if we have now reached “The End of Toxic Tort Litigation in Texas?” That’s an often asked question, but Oliver has some new thoughts.

Lawyerist has this post on “How to Run Effective Meetings.” This should, perhaps, be mandatory reading for shareholders at firms across the United States.

Seattle Weekly offers its list of the seven best covers of Paul McCartney songs, with accompanying video. We might have included Stevie Wonder’s cover of “We Can Work It Out” (but perhaps that was influenced a bit too much by John Lennon to truly constitute a “Paul McCartney song.”).

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