The Holiday Weekend

Happy Fourth of July from Greenville, South Carolina. We are out of the office today, still observing the Fourth of July holiday and recovering from yesterday’s revelry. We trust that all of our readers exercised reasonable care over the course of the holiday weekend. If not, then perhaps you’ll be the subject of a future products liability post here on our blog. As for our lawyer readers, we hope that they paused briefly to reflect upon the ideals of our Founding Fathers who crafted our American system of justice, which despite its occasional flaws and hiccoughs, remains the best and most just in the world. They don’t teach you this in law school, but it is acceptable, sometimes, to lower that cynical facade. (This photograph above, taken just blocks away from our Greenville office on the Fourth of July 4, 2009, comes from the photoblog, Greenville Daily Photo.). Oh, and don’t expect a Bastille Post from us in a week and a half.

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