Friday Links

  • If there is one thing we here at Abnormal Use love more than wings, it’s liability releases arising from the consumption of wings. We recently learned that Grille 33 at the Channel, a burger joint that just opened up a block from our offices here in Greenville, has officially issued its “Tito’s Wing Challenge” (pictured above, click to enlarge). Note the stern pronouncement written in red chalk: “Must Sign Waiver.” Now, we here were too chicken to accept the challenge (as we have a very delicate palate), but we did manage to review the waiver in question (pictured below, click to enlarge). Someday, though, we will muster up the courage to take the challenge, but it shall not be today. No, not today.

  • The Texas Lawyer‘s Tex Parte Blog reports on a new iPhone 4 products liability suit recently filed in the U.S. District Court of the Southern District of Texas. Meanwhile, Randall Ryder at Lawyerist claims that “lawyers are wasting their money if they think [the iPhone 4] will add a new dimension to their practice.” Well, to that, we can only say, that but for our handy iPhone 4, we would not have been able to take those crisp pictures depicting the Tito’s Wing Challenge and the required liability waiver.
  • The Litigation and Trial Blog speculates that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg will not bring a defamation suit as a result of the upcoming film, The Social Network, which details the founding of Facebook. He might do some defriending, though, we suspect.
  • Jeffrey V. Mehalic of the West Virginia Business Litigation Blog spends some time talking about Barbour v. International Union, in which the Fourth Circuit adopted the last-served defendant rule for removal purposes. A good post, that. (We previously mentioned the Barbour opinion briefly here).

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