Friday Links

We believe the attorney on the cover of the comic book cover depicted above is making a good objection, although it may be untimely. Surely he was aware that Batman was invisible before he took the stand to testify. (There may also be a confrontation clause objection.). Such was the dilemma in Detective Comics #199 from September 1953. To be honest, we’re not certain Robin is dressed in appropriate courtroom attire.

We are disappointed to learn that Bobby G. Frederick, the author of the South Carolina Criminal Defense Blog, may be taking down his other site, Trial Theory, a blog dedicated to trial practice. (See here for his post on the stressors of the profession.).

If you haven’t read “Trout in the Milk,” last Friday’s post at the Drug and Device Law blog, do yourself a favor and check it out.

In this post, the Legal Ethics Forum directs our attention to this article (registration required) suggesting that male lawyers are overconfident about outcomes. Surely that is not correct, and we know for a fact that we would win an argument on that issue.

Ted Frank at Point of Law points us to some news suggesting that some consumers are drinking their Benadryl Extra-Strength Itch-Stopping Gel. Gross.

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