Friday Links

  • That’s right; it’s all about the cosmic rays. Debra Cassens Weiss of the ABA Journal reported this week upon speculation that cosmic rays may be the cause of the sudden acceleration issues in Toyota vehicles. Of course, cosmic rays have prompted all sorts of problems in the past. In 1961, they caused four would-be astronauts to evolve and become the superhero group, the Fantastic Four (as indicated above). We’re wondering, would Reed Richards testify for the Plaintiffs or the defense in the Toyota cases on this issue?
  • Tim Smith of the Greenville News reports on a recent presentation by South Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice Jean Toal in which she indicated the following troubling news: “Your court system is $11.5 million down at this time and about to run out of money. We can’t continue to operate like this.” Toal plans to work with South Carolina legislators to resolve the issue by increasing filing fees for complaints and motions.
  • Defending an auto wreck case? Check out the For The Defense blog’s post “Investigating an Auto Accident Case.” Written by Francisco Ramos Jr., the piece offers some tips for the investigation of such claims in light of recent advances in technology.

  • If you happen to find yourself here in downtown Greenville, South Carolina tomorrow, be sure to stop by the Google on Main event. Greenville is one of many mid-sized cities attempting to woo Google to its location as a part of the search engine giant’s fiber optic broadband experiment. Apparently, Google plans to pick one city, establish itself as an Internet service provider, and then offer service at speeds 100 times faster than that to which users are now accustomed. But which city will Google choose? We here at Abnormal Use officially endorse Greenville, whose citizens clearly support the technological endeavor. In the video above, you’ll see one local man was so supportive of the City of Greenville’s bid for the project that he had the Google logo shaved into his head.
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