Friday Links

  • Northwestern University, at its YouTube account, has begun to post some interesting products liability related videos, including the clip above, which features Katherine R. Latimer of Hollingsworth, LLP discussing “Products Liability Law and Pharmaceuticals”at the Judicial Symposium on The Pharmaceutical Industry, held at Northwestern in May of 2009. Other clips from the conference can be found here, here, here, and here, while the school has also posted an interesting clip of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s September 2009 visit to the institution.
  • Findlaw’s Courtside blog posts this piece about the recent filing of a sudden acceleration lawsuit against Toyota and a Lexus dealer in California. The report includes a copy of the complaint as well as an excerpt of the 911 call at issue.
  • In this nice post, The Mac Lawyer alerts us to Tablet Legal, a new blog designed for lawyers using Apple’s new iPad. Last week, the new site’s author concluded that “less functionality in the Ipad is better for lawyers.” The associates writing the posts here at Abnormal Use have requested iPads from their supervising partners, but as of yet, they have received no response. Surely they must have missed that set of emails?
  • In a post that ran yesterday, The South Carolina Family Law Blog offers this helpful tip for locating individuals using social media. Says that site’s author: “[I]t is simply amazing sometimes to see the types of information people publish about themselves and their actions on these sites. However, in today’s web-laden society, it’s hard to know where to start looking sometimes to find all of a party’s networks.” Indeed.
  • We here at Abnormal Use have no meaningful preference in this weekend’s Academy Awards show. To be honest, we rarely get to the movies these days. But we, like most, are perplexed at the Academy’s decision to nominate ten films for Best Picture as opposed to the usual five. We recoiled in horror and grieved when Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction lost to Forrest Gump in March of 1995, but we remain unconvinced that Tarantino’s latest effort is worthy of such accolades. Surely Avatar will not prevail over the far, far better Up. Perhaps the Academy members wish to avoid the type of self congratulatory display James Cameron put forth in 1998 when he won for Titanic. Tune in Sunday to see.
  • Finally, if you’ll peruse our side bar, you’ll notice a new blogroll dedicated to South Carolina law blogs. Although our central mission at Abnormal Use is to discuss products liability cases, we do like to keep an eye on our local legal blogsophere. Take a look, and let us know if we’ve missed any South Carolina legal blogs of interest.

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