Friday Links

Whoa! “Law versus Crime!” Depicted above is the cover of Mr. District Attorney #1, published way, way back in 1948.  “When Gangland Ran Rampant,” the cover proudly exclaims. “The Five Days That Shook A City!”  Representing those five days, of course, is an actual calendar emblazoned across the background of the cover.   We guess Mr. District Attorney was not yet using Outlook.  Oh, well.

Our pal Max Kennerly, a Plaintiff’s lawyer and blogger at the Litigation & Trial law blog, writes us with the following tale:

When you have little kids, you don’t go out to see movies as much. Yesterday, buying a bunch of kids stuff at Walgreen’s, I saw a display rack for a new movie out on DVD: The Dark Knight Rises.

I apparently spent so time procrastinating on making time to see it that it came out on DVD without me even noticing it left theaters. I can’t tell if this is a win or a fail.

This is troubling news.  After all, we here at Abnormal Use saw The Dark Knight Rises on opening weekend. How could one not? We hope Max will find time next week to see The Hobbit; we have already calendared an appointment to do so here in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Finally, rest in peace, Dave Brubeck. Time Out, from 1958, is such a fine, fine record.

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