Friday Links

As we previously mentioned, we here at Abnormal Use spent May 2012 focusing on comic book covers featuring police line-ups.  Well, today is the first day of June, but we thought we’d share one more line-up cover with you, our dear readers. Above, you’ll find the cover of Justice Traps The Guilty #56, which appears to have been published way, way back in late 1953.  Just like last week’s cover, there is no barrier between the suspects in the line-up and the witness making the identification. This, to us, seems unsafe.

Davis Francis of the David Francis Law Firm, writing at his blog (which is called, simply, The Blog), discusses the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s new pool safety tips and even gives our earlier post on the matter a shout-out!

Since we very recently discussed the issue of vinyl records, we direct you to Roy Furchgott’s recent New York Times article, entitled “The Secrets of a High-Quality Vinyl Record.” Indeed.

Speaking of music, friend of the blog Matt Wake of The Huntsville Times recently published “9 destinations across the Southeast every music lover should visit.” A good list, though we, of course, would have included Harvest Records in Asheville, North Carolina and Horizon Records in Greenville, South Carolina.

Is Blogging Dead?” asks Susan Cartier Liebel. Our response: Fear not, dear readers. We still live.

Whoa! The Charlotte Business Journal ran a brief profile of our North Carolina office this week. See here!

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