12 Steps Toward Fulfillment in the Practice of Law (Step 5)

Step 5 – Live Beneath Your Means

We are currently reviewing Judge Carl Horn’s 12 Steps Toward Fulfillment in the Practice of Law, outlined in his book, Lawyer Life – Finding a Life and a Higher Calling in the Practice of Law.  Horn sets forth his twelve steps which are based on choices that an individual lawyer can make to enhance professional fulfillment.

Step 5 is to Live Beneath Your Means. The essence of this step is that unless we actively struggle against it, we will find ourselves engaging in consumer spending that severely limits our ability to choose a healthier, more balanced life. How can we say “no” to more fee-generating work when we have all those bills to pay? Horn suggests that if we are to live a balanced life, we must learn to say “no” not only to more work, but also to the consumer spending that seems to make imbalance a necessity. By controlling our spending, we can significantly reduce the financial pressures that stress us out and push an increasing number of us over the edge.

Join us next week for Step 6 – Don’t Let Technology Control Your Life.

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