12 Steps Toward Fulfillment in the Practice of Law (Step 4)

12 Steps Toward Fulfillment in the Practice of Law (Step 4)

In this week’s review of the 12 Steps Toward Fulfillment in the Practice of Law, we review Judge Horn’s Step 4 – Implement Healthy Lifestyle Practices. As you may recall, Step 3 was Develop and Practice Good Time Management.

Judge Horn reminds us that there is a positive correlation between lawyers who self-report a sense of subjective well-being and those who engage in certain habits or practices that are deemed “healthy.”  What are these practices?   They include regular exercise; attending religious services; personal prayer; hobbies; engaging in outdoor recreation; pleasure reading; and taking weeks of vacation. In a word, lawyers with other serious interests, those who successfully resist the “all work and no play” syndrome, also consider themselves the happiest.

This is simply common sense. Do not work yourself to death. Get a life. Develop hobbies or other serious, non-work related interests.   Lose yourself in a good book. Keep in touch with your family and friends. Take enough vacation to recharge your batteries. While these are simple ideals, they are essential if we are to achieve the kind of balanced fulfillment for which many lawyers are properly striving.

Next week, we will cover Step 5 – Live Beneath Your Means.

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