And . . . Boom Goes the Toilet

When you are most vulnerable is when you need to feel the most safe. The bathroom is no exception, I assume, it’s the reason that the doors lock. A person will spend, on average, 14 days a year in the bathroom, according to this ABC News article from 2001. (Seems a little high, but whatever). So imagine the trauma Angela Wright felt when the toilet in her home, on which she was sitting, exploded in November of 2014. Apparently, the sewer lines in her neighborhood were being cleaned with high pressure hoses when the explosion occurred. Not only was Ms. Wright sent flying into the air, covered in whatever, but she has an estimated $14,000 in damage to her bathroom, which apparently hasn’t been repaired. Ms. Wright has since filed a lawsuit against the Baltimore mayor, two city council members, and two city contractors.

I can only imagine that whenever she sits on a toilet, probably for the rest of her life, she has to wonder if it will explode when she flushes. I will say that from the photograph, it does not appear that anyone was sitting on the toilet or that she would have been violently ejected since the mess doesn’t seem to hit the toilet seat lid, but it’s disgusting regardless.

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