Hoverboards Catching Fire

Hoverboards are a completely needless product. The only cool thing that anyone has done on a hoverboard was this Halloween costume.


Otherwise, the only reason to have a hoverboard is to post photos of your feet on social media while riding it. These arguably less nerdy Segways cost between $150 and $600. Unless you have money to burn, you should not buy this product. However, if you do feel particularly opulent, it may be safer to literally set your legal tender aflame and not buy the board. According to various sources, the hoverboards are catching fire, literally. It is unclear as to the cause of the fires, but there are reports of flames occurring while the hoverboards are charging. Other sources report hoverboards catching fire while being ridden. Timothy Cade reported that he had ridden the board less than 100 feet before the hoverboard locked and caught fire. Cade doused the board with water, but it reignited. Interestingly, Cade requested a refund from the company, Greegear, and he had already ordered a replacement from a different company. We applaud Cade’s optimism.

However, we here at Abnormal Use caution consumers to be wary of the hoverboards. Let’s just them them to the Back To The Future movies, shall we?