Disappointing Settlement Reached By Subway

Avid Readers, as we are sure you recall, we first reported on the class action lawsuit against Subway back in 2013. Basically, the lawsuit alleged that Plaintiffs’ “12 inch” sandwiches from Subway were shorter than 12 inches, and that’s evil.  Two and a half years later, the 11 named Plaintiffs, represented by a collective 10 law firms, have settled with Doctor’s Associates, Inc., the franchisor of Subway Sandwich Shops. The fact that the franchisor’s name is Doctor’s Associates, Inc. is easily the most surprising thing in this lawsuit, by the way.

As a potential member of the class (someone who purchased a 6 or 12 inch sandwich from Subway between Jan. 1, 2003 and Oct. 2, 2015), we could not wait to find out what we were owed for this injustice. We hoped it would be like when Red Bull had to admit that it did not actually give you wings and had to send all of the class members who opted in free Red Bull. We actually did opt in, but we still haven’t received our Red Bull, but that’s not the point. With this Subway lawsuit, we hoped that we would all receive free subs at a minimum.


And a class member, we are set to receive . . . nothing. Apparently, Doctor’s Associates will make changes to its practices to ensure that the length of its sandwiches is as advertised. So, unless you are one of the named Plaintiffs or one of the 11 firms representing them, you are getting nothing. The named Plaintiffs will receive no more than $1,000 each.

Wait, we almost forgot, someone is getting paid, just not you or me. The 11 law firms will be reimbursed their attorneys’ fees, costs, expenses, and a class representative service award (which we can only hope is a button for their lapels) not to exceed $525,000.