Steve Spurrier’s Mid-Season Resignation

On October 12, 2015, news broke that Steve Spurrier was voluntarily resigning from his position as the University of South Carolina’s head football coach, effective immediately. And just as soon as this announcement was made, every social media outlet was full of Gamecock fans sharing their glowing endorsements of their beloved “Head Ball Coach.” Nothing but praise for the coach that took the Gamecock program out of the ditch and made them contenders in their tough division in the South Eastern Conference.

Initially, there was nothing but love and admiration for the HBC from Gamecock fans; however, some fans have now gone in another direction after analyzing their former head coach’s actions in the wake of his announcement and their conclusion that Spurrier doesn’t care about USC. It’s not only an intriguing topic, but also plausible.

In a recent article posted on a Gamecock fan website, a disgruntled USC fan wrote an article discussing his/her recent epiphany about Spurrier’s departure. The fan’s ultimate conclusion is that Spurrier doesn’t care about USC or the Gamecock fan base. In defense of this heartbroken fan, he/she makes a compelling argument and supports that position with some good evidence. This fan first pointed out that the Spurrier quickly shot down any discussions of him serving in some type of advisory position at USC and the HBC never said anything about how much he enjoyed his time at USC or anything about cherishing his memories at the university.

Further, when Spurrier was asked a direct question about a message he would like to share with the Gamecock fan base, he responded “with absolutely no emotion and classic shrug of the shoulders, he said, ‘I’m no longer the head coach, so I’d just thank them for all they’ve done. I don’t really have a message.’ He thanked the fans for ‘receiving’ him and his family. And with that, he abruptly concluded the press conference, ‘Okay let’s get moving, I’ve had enough here.’”

This fan concluded “that Steve Spurrier doesn’t adore South Carolina like he adores Florida and Duke. But more disappointing was the realization that the Head Ball Coach doesn’t care for the Gamecocks as much as Gamecock nation cares for him. I wonder if he cared at all.”

Another interesting aspect of this relationship is that Spurrier will also continue to be paid his full salary throughout the remainder of the year. As stated in a recent article published by The State, Spurrier is situated to receive more than $920,000 through the end of the year. Not too shabby of a deal for the “Former Head Ball Coach.” A tip of the hat to Mr. Spurrier who will surely go down in the history books as a legendary college football coach, and he was able to make his exit (from a program that could potentially finish the season with a losing record) in nothing but praise and glory.

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