Welcome to the Space . . . Ham.

Close enough. Number 23, Michael Jordan, best known for defeating The Nerdlucks in the 1996 American Classic Space Jam. Jordan is also known to some for being one of the best basketball players ever, for scoring 38 against the Utah Jazz with the flu, for being the first athlete billionaire, or for owning the Charlotte Hornets. Between 2009 and 2010, MJ made approximately $55 million dollars from various endorsements, including Gatorade, Nike, and Hanes. However, they were not the only ones using his image. Dominick’s supermarket, a Chicago-based supermarket chain that closed in 2013, also was using MJ’s name and number to sell steaks with this ad, and now MJ wants his cut.  According to the Chicago Tribune, MJ has already won the lawsuit against the now defunct Dominick’s, and he seeks $10 million dollars in damages.  We shall see how it turns out, but we here at Abnormal Use would be flattered if a steakhouse or steak sales person wanted to use our likeness.

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