Public Service Announcement: Gateway And Beautiful Music For Beautiful Minds

Courtesy of our own Stuart Mauney, we offer this Abnormal Public Service Announcement. Much has been written about our lack of access to quality and affordable mental health care. Where do you go if you are so sick you cannot hold a job or need help with finding a place to live? Schizophrenia, schizo-affective disorder, major depression and bi-polar disorder (manic depression), are all serious medical illnesses which can be difficult to manage. These individuals often struggle with homelessness and hopelessness if they do not have the support they need.

In the Greenville, South Carolina area, a non-profit clubhouse, Gateway, provides rehab services to the chronically mentally ill, including those with these diagnoses. I am proud to serve on Gateway’s Board of Directors and chair its Development Committee.  As with any non-profit, community support is vital to the development of Gateway’s programs. On August 7, 2015, Gateway presents “Beautiful Music for Beautiful Minds,” featuring the music of Fletcher, Bell & Ward from Nashville. This community event will be held at The Poinsett Club in Greenville, South Carolina. Tickets are $75.00 each, and include hors d’oeuvres, a silent auction and beverages. All proceeds benefit Gateway.

You may buy your tickets or make a donation online at or by calling 864-242-9193.

Here’s a bit more information on Gateway from its website:

At the Gateway clubhouse, which is the center point for all assistance and activities, participants are not called patients or clients; rather they are called members. Gateway serves more than 130 active members, with an average daily clubhouse attendance of close to 90, offering a variety of programs to help members develop social, educational and employment skills – and gain friends, opportunities and self-confidence along the way.

One of the key programs is called the Work-Ordered Day, where Gateway members use their special gifts, talents, and skills while working side-by-side with staff to help operate the clubhouse. This can lead to transitional and supported independent employment. Along with these work-focused programs, there are educational programs, housing assistance programs and social interaction opportunities all built around helping those coping with mental illness lead lives that are as independent as possible.

The Clubhouse Model and programs have been so successful, that Gateway has gained an international reputation – creating a demand for colleague training. To date, more than 2,000 colleagues from 40 states and 16 countries have been trained by Gateway in the Clubhouse Model.

On behalf of the Gateway members and their families, thank you for your support!

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