Popehat Is Happy To Be Here, And We Are Happy He Is

Many thanks to our editor who sent me a link to the Popehat blog by California attorney Ken White. Mr. White and I have something in common: we have both been diagnosed with and treated for depression. I have written about that previously here on Abnormal Use, along with commentary on how lawyers are generally vulnerable to depression, suicide and substance abuse.

In his post, “Happy To Be Here,” Mr. White writes poignantly about his own struggles with both depression and anxiety and his psychiatric hospitalization. What a powerful story; he puts a needed face on an insidious medical illness.

Mr. White does not just describe the hopelessness and the struggle to find the right treatment. He also tells us what we can each do to get us through the tough times:

Ask for help. You can’t go it alone.

Don’t rule anything out.

Keep re-evaluating.

Think about your body along with your head.

Talk to people; you’re not alone.

Mr. White ends his article with these words: “I won’t ask you to be fine. Nobody’s fine. Be better. Reach out.”

Thank you, Mr. White.

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