One Shining Moment

On Monday evening, April 6, 2015, two teams will take the floor in Indianapolis for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship. As the winning team cuts down the nets, CBS Sports will play highlights from the tournament, set to the song, “One Shining Moment”, written by David Barrett. Versions of this song by Teddy Pendergrass and Jennifer Hudson have been used in the past; the most recent rendition is by the late Luther Vandross.

One shining moment, it’s all on the line

One shining moment, there frozen in time

One shining moment, you reached deep inside

One shining moment, you knew you were alive

The highlights will likely include the thrill of victory with upsets by UAB and GA State. There will also be the agony of defeat as top seeded Villanova failed to make the Final Four. We will see the bright faces of the winners and the teary eyes of the losers. Each of these, in their own way, had “one shining moment”.

We have previously written how lawyers are potentially vulnerable to depression, suicide and substance abuse. Perhaps one way to avoid the negative thinking that sometimes pervades our profession is to focus on the shining moments we have had in our personal and professional careers. Maybe we have never hit the winning shot in the last seconds of the championship game, but we all have had our own shining moments. Maybe you met a personal goal after much hard work. Or, perhaps, you won a particularly difficult and hard fought case. Whatever it is, take a few minutes today to remember “One Shining Moment” in your life and career.