Cadbury Eggs Alive And Well In America This Holiday Season


With Easter approaching, store shelves are quickly becoming stocked with products seeking to profit off of the season.  One such product is the iconic chocolate-covered, fondant-filled eggs known as Cadbury Creme Eggs.  For whatever reason, the Cadbury Egg has developed a tremdous cult following since the product was introduced some 50 years ago.  This fanaticism was put on display earlier this year when the world erupted over the announcement that the British candy manufacturer was changing its formula.  Cadbury lovers here in America, however, were put at ease upon news that the changes would have no effect on the Creme eggs they have come to love locally.  The reason?  Those chocolate eggs we have been eating were actually manufactured here in America by Hershey – not Cadbury – for the last 30 years.

Recently, American lovers of Cadbury eggs received more good news when reports surfaced that Hershey had reached a settlement with importers of English Cadbury chocolate.  Hershey sued the importers over the English Cadbury “black market” that has developed here in America, defying Hershey’s exclusive rights to manufacture Cadbury products.  Apparently, Hershey discovered that a substantial number of people actually prefer Cadbury chocolate manufactured by the original source.  Under the terms of the settlement. the importers will pay an undisclosed fine and be banned from importing the British chocolate.

We here at Abnormal Use have no opinions on the Hershey Cadbury versus English Cadbury debate.  Given the latest settlement, it appears to be a moot point unless you are traveling to the United Kingdom in the near future.  Nonetheless, for those of you who have enjoyed grocery store bought Cadbury eggs for the last 30 years, you can sleep easy knowing that no one – not even Cadbury – can mess with your Cadbury eggs this Easter season.

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