Laser Beam Weapons A Real Thing Now?

dr evil

Folks, reportedly, the Navy now has a laser beam weapon.  The weapon, called “LaWS”, was recently test-fired from the USS Ponce, and it apparently “hit and destroyed targets mounted atop a small boat, blasted a six-foot drone from the sky, and destroyed other moving targets.” The project cost approximately $40 million over the past seven years.  The laser system “consists of six commercial welding lasers lashed together and aimed at the same point,” and it can purportedly hit targets up to about a mile away. Wow.

What legal implications might this new technology yield?  None yet.  However, this is awesome.  Laser beam weapons straight out of science fiction movies.  The only problem: Super villains around the world are licking their lips at the opportunity to hold the world hostage using an enormous ray gun.

Hopefully, a hero lawyer will emerge.  Groot, perhaps? Or Matt Murdock?  Or maybe one of the other comic book hero lawyers that we have covered in our regular Friday Links feature? Only time will tell

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