If You Blog It, They Will Come

An inexplicable coincidence happened some time ago.  I prepared a blog post about a new lawsuit filed in the area and saved the draft on our blogging platform and placed it in the queue for review by our editor. When we learn of interesting complaints in the area, we sometimes write about them, and this is what I did in this case.

The following afternoon, I received a call from a number I did not recognize.  The caller ID indicated that the call was from the corporate offices of the defendant in the lawsuit about which I had just drafted a post.  I assumed that the blog post had gone live and that someone was calling to discuss the post, clarify the facts, tell me to remove the post, etc. To my surprise, the caller was the in-house counsel at the defendant corporation calling to retain our firm in the that very lawsuit.  During the discussion, I checked our blog site and learned that my post had not yet gone live.  We took the case and elected not to run the post.

I have racked my brain in an attempt to understand this coincidence without avail.  Perhaps it was magic.

If anyone needs me, I will be typing a novel about a former litigator who had no choice but to retire at the age of 30 after winning the lottery five times in a row.

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