Brace Yourselves, Netflix-Verizon Error Message Litigation is Coming

error message

There’s nothing worse than an error message; it’s like an electronic flat tire.  Your Internet activity comes to a screeching halt and your computer freezes.  So, you then click the “x,” but the “x” won’t click.  Then you press the “esc” key that had a good run in the 90’s, but it just doesn’t really do anything anymore (but it’s still worth a shot).  You then press the ctrl+alt+delete, using three of your fingers that should never be forced to work in concert.  If that doesn’t work, you hold the round button on the computer machine for ten seconds until the light goes off.  If that, too, fails, you buy a new computer.

We can all agree that the error message is one of the worst first world problems one can experience.  Reportedly, Verizon is litigious and unhappy that Netflix has attempted to link Verizon to this unpleasant experience in the minds of Netflix customers. Apparently, whenever there is an interruption in a Netflix video that is playing on Verizon’s network, Netflix displays an error message that essentially blames the error on Verizon.  Verizon is not appreciative of this association.  Things have apparently escalated to the point that Verizon has fired the first snail mail shot over the bow and threatened to sue if Netflix does not cease and desist.

We at Abnormal Use do not pretend to understand the series of tubes in enough detail to weigh in on who is to blame in this spat over streaming Internet entertainment, but we will say that we do not endorse the erroneous messaging of error messages.  But we await the litigation thereof.