The Crossbow Recall

As you might suspect, we here at Abnormal Use are not avid bow and arrow hunters.  We are better eaters than hunters or gatherers.  I myself have only owned one bow and arrow, the Nerf Bow “N” Arrow with the built-in sight, which was released in 1991.  So, I am fully qualified to write about the dangers associated with the crossbow, a weapon which presumably derived from the Nerf Bow ‘n’ Arrow. On April 22, 2014, Crossbow manufacturer Excalibur Crossbow, Inc. of Canada recalled its “Excalibur Matrix Mega 405 Crossbow” according to the Consumer Products Safety Commission.   According to the recall report, Excalibur has received significant . . . wait . . . Excalibur has received one report, a single report, of the Matrix Mega firing unexpectedly and causing significant bodily injury . . . wait . . . never mind no injuries have been reported.  All joking aside, this crossbow does not fire Nerf arrows, and a crossbow that “can fire an arrow without the trigger being pulled” seems dangerous.  If you are the owner of one of the 1,000 of units being recalled, you can return them to the retailer or send them back to Excalibur for repair.  Don’t worry, they will pay the shipping.