Move Over Bottled Water, and Make Way for Canned Air

Canned Air

In what could be the saddest development of the last century, HuffPost reports that a Chinese billionaire has determined that there is now a market for soda cans containing air.  Although I am not the first to point it out, this means that Spaceballs has officially become reality – life imitating art in the most depressing way possible.  Those who scoff at the idea of air-in-a-can and think that no one would ever buy it should keep their laughter to themselves.  This canned atmosphere raked in about $800 in sales during its first day on the market, which is no small feat for a product priced at roughly 80 cents per can.  In other words, it is virtually flying off the shelves in the country that lays claim to some of the world’s most polluted cities.

On the bright side, the idea man behind the venture is donating all proceeds to charity.  He hopes that the buzz surrounding his product will spotlight the issue of pollution in China.

So what does this mean?  Should those who enjoy breathing avoid traveling to China?  Should we combine our Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Heart to summon Captain Planet?  What’s the difference between canned air and an empty, sealed can?   We here at Abnormal Use do not have the answers.  However, we do know that we who are fortunate enough to live an area where it does not cost to respire should take a deep breath while it’s free.

Feel free to speculate in the comments section about what we can expect in the way of canned air product litigation.

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