Buckyballs: Back And Bigger Than Ever

Last year, we here at Abnormal Use reported on the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s efforts to ban “Buckyballs” because the spherically-shaped magnets apparently posed a risk of ingestion despite the product’s warnings. As you might recall, the company’s response to the draconian measures was quite humorous, illustrating how any product can be dangerous based on the CPSC’s logic. Unfortunately, Buckyballs ultimately lost its fight and found itself forced out of business. Now, Buckyballs’ founders are back with a new company, and they haven’t forgotten the CPSC.

Seemingly defeated by the CPSC over the small-in-size, magnetic Buckyballs, the new company is now selling large, magnetic balls known as “Liberty Balls.” Take that, CPSC. Certainly, large balls can’t pose the same risk of ingestion. Aside from being a slap in the face to the CPSC, the new product serves an even greater purpose. Liberty Balls are the fundraising linchpin for the continued fight against the CPSC under a program entitled, “United We Ball.” According to the company’s website:

Liberty Balls and Ball of Rights are seriously BIG MAGNETS with a seriously BIG MISSION: to support the legal battle of one individual against government absurdity overreach retaliation regulators and stand up for the rights of all Americans (that’s you.)

Because the fight against the CPSC is so important, Liberty Balls have been called by some (the company) the “most important balls in American history.” And, who are we to argue? We must applaud a company for standing up to the CPSC’s over-reach. Some may say Buckyballs has taken this fight a bit far. We here at Abnormal Use say keep going farther. We are always looking for new material.

(Hat Tip: Overlawyered; Reason.com).