Bubba Watson Rids Golf Of Its Troubles With “The Hovercart”

Little known fact: we here at Abnormal Use are avid golfers. We are not particularly good at the sport, but we do find golf to be a great escape from reality. As much as we love the game, however, we often find ourselves aggravated with golf’s slow pace – a condition made exponentially worse when you find yourself playing out of sand, trees, and water.

Thankfully, 2012 Masters Champ Bubba Watson has heard our cries.

Watson has teamed up with hovercraft expert Chris Fitzgerald to create the “hovercart” in order to improve on the limitations of traditional golf carts. What limitations, you ask? The inability to drive in sand traps and over water hazards, of course. The hovercart travels over a bed of air allowing it to easily travel over any surface. With a footprint pressure 33 times less than the human foot, the cart could theoretically travel atop those delicate Bermuda greens. Though, something tells us golf course superintendents are going to draw the line somewhere.

The hovercart is not yet in mass production, but it should be the remedy for many of golf’s ailments. No more “cart path” only rounds on rainy days. No more embarking by foot on the treacherous trek into deep sand bunkers. No more parking 30 yards away from greens. No more walking. Sounds perfect.

We do not know whether hovercarts will ever enter the mainstream. But, anything that eliminates all of that pesky walking from getting in the way of swinging a golf club gets our support. If we could just get Watson to solve our slice, golf will be near-perfect. We can dream.

(Hat tip: The Daily Beast).

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