Flame Gun Warning: You Be The Judge

From time to time, we here at Abnormal Use chance across quirky products (or quirky warnings) and offer our comments.  Well, we’ve seen some doozies, but this one may take the cake. The Retroist found a 1972 advertisement a Flame Gun!  Yes, you read that right.  The full post can be found here, but we simply can’t resist providing the actual image of the flame gun itself:

Now this thing looks useful!  After all, it’s “the gun of 1000-and-1 uses!”  Perfect for, um, well, I guess when your gas stove won’t light, this could do the trick! Apparently, it’s so easy to use that “Even your wife can use it.”  Wasn’t 1972 a little late for those kinds of statements? Actually, the helpful ad suggests a few other uses, including destroying insects, anthills, and old wasp nests from a “safe distance.”  But the real kicker, in our opinion, is that this unit is advertised as being of use BOTH indoors and outdoors.  Are we the only ones who think this is a BAD IDEA? The copyright on the bottom of the helpful ad shows that the project is registered to Bevis Industries, which apparently no longer exists.  We can’t imagine why!