Banana Boat: A Product Recall Observed

Now that I’m in my early thirties, I have to worry about things I never had to before. Like putting sunscreen on. Specifically, like putting sunscreen on the top of my head. I’m not thrilled about this development in my life. But it turns out I really wasn’t given a choice. Somewhere between genetics and the practice of law, I never had a chance of having a full head of hair.

In any event, I’m told that since my hairline has entered the autumn of my life, I have to put sunscreen on my head to avoid skin cancer. But last week, I learned that depending on the sunscreen I use, my head might catch on fire. That’s because Banana Boat issued a recall for some of its spray-on sunscreen products that may have a nasty tendency to react aggressively to open flames and sparks. When it comes down to it, I really only have two requirements for sunscreen: (1) it must prevent my skin from sunburn; and (2) it must not result in my face burning off. Other than that, I’m pretty low maintenance.

There’s no doubt that Banana Boat regrets the injuries that have been caused by its product. But we have to give them credit for their response. After the first injury was reported, Banana Boat conducted an internal investigation to determine whether the report was founded, and if so, what the cause was. Banana Boat followed that up with voluntarily engaging in the recall. It’s not easy or convenient for a company to conduct a massive product recall; there’s certainly an adverse impact to the company’s sales and reputation in the short term. But taking this type of affirmative action to address a problem is the responsible thing to do, and we salute Banana Boat’s response.

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