Abnormal Use To Be Featured on KUCI-FM’s “The Docket” Radio Program Tonight

Yes, yes, we know. You may be suffering from a bit of My Cousin Vinny overkill after last week. But, as you know, we here at Abnormal Use recently celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the release of the beloved 1992 legal comedy. We offered our reflections and lessons learned from the film. We presented interviews with the film’s director, screenwriter/co-producer, and actors James Rebhorn, Mitchell Whitfield, and Raynor Scheine. We even unearthed and reviewed Joe Pesci’s 1998 concept album done in the character of Vinny. After all that, the legal blogosphere is overly saturated with references to the film. The public airwaves, however, are not.

If after all of that  you still crave more Vinny-related content, you’re in luck. Tonight, Abnormal Use hits the radio airwaves. That’s right, dear readers. This very night, March 19, 2012, at 7:30 p.m. Eastern time, you can tune to “The Docket” on The University of California at Irvine’s KUCI-FM college radio station. On that program, own writer Nick Farr will discuss the film and its legacy with host Evan Simon. (You need not be in California to listen, either. You can access a live Internet stream of the station here). “The Docket” focuses on current legal issues and bills itself as “the joy of law school without the exams.” Sounds like the perfect place for Vinny and Abnormal Use.

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