The ABA Journal’s Top 100 Legal Blogs Nominations

You may have seen some of the more shameless plugs on other legal blogs requesting your vote for the annual best legal blog contest. If you’re drawing a blank, allow me to educate you on this matter. Very recently, The ABA Journal requested input from the law blog, or blawg, reading public to generate its annual list of top legal blogs. (As one who nominates a blog to the 100 best legal blogs list, you are referred to by the ABA as “blawg amici.”). You can find the nomination form and related information here. Obviously, we here at Abnormal Use take our blogging quite seriously, and we would never condescend to overtly request that you tell the fair editors at The ABA Journal how awesome we are. In fact, we specifically request that, if you were so moved as to submit Abnormal Use to The ABA Journal, that you not say that we are simply a “great blog.”

That’s just our way here at this site, and for better or ill, we can be nothing but ourselves.

Nevertheless, as we all fight tirelessly for justice in this world, we would simply note that justice comes in many forms, and certainly, it would be an injustice for a blog that is inferior to Abnormal Use to receive some notoriety void of any true substance, when Abnormal Use brings you almost-award winning content involving subjects as wide-ranging as injury by chicken sandwich, body odor, frozen mice, jet packs, tuna fish, or Superman.

Furthermore, we must remind you that we here at Abnormal Use care for your children, informing you of objects with lead toxicity, and providing evidence that television will rot your brain. Were any of you physically located here in Greenville, South Carolina, I’m sure you could hit us up for some free babysitting, too. Because we care about you and your children, Abnormal Use is also working to make the world a better place by engaging in the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and working with multiple teams of economists to come up with a second stimulus plan that will provide full employment while simultaneously lowering taxes and the federal deficit. We have also been endorsed by Nick Saban as the most awesome blog created since the Big Bang (provided, of course, that you believe in the Big Bang). Speaking of the creation of the universe, we here at Abnormal Use are soon to issue a unified theory of the history of the universe (through our research at the Large Hadron Collider) that will explain the existence of humanity to the complete satisfaction of people of all religions, humanists, evolutionists, and atheists.

In sum, self-promotion does not come easy to us, but we need to set the record straight about the place of Abnormal Use in the legal blogosphere, and we encourage you to do the same. In contravention of what we said earlier, please click here and tell the fine editors at The ABA Journal how truly resplendent and awesome we are, how our content is innovative and fresh, and that you look forward to seeing what we post when you wake up in the morning. Thanks.

Oh, and you’d best hurry. The nomination period ends this Friday, October 1.

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