First Month of Summer Brings Number of Food Recalls

In a mix-up I feel certain wouldn’t have happened had the Keebler Elves been in charge of this kitchen, Campbell Soup Company recently recalled 15 million pounds of SpaghettiOs with meatballs after a cooker malfunctioned at one of the company’s plants in Paris, Texas, possibly leaving the meat undercooked. The recall accounts for all cans manufactured at the plant since December 2008 because officials are unsure exactly when the cooker malfunctioned.

The Campbell recall is just one in a series of food recalls happening this month. More recently, cereal giant Kellogg issued a voluntary recall of 28 million boxes of cereal, including its Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Froot Loops, and Honey Smacks, due to what has been called an “uncharacteristic off-flavor and smell coming from the liner in the package.” Gives the Toucan Sam “Follow Your Nose” tagline a whole new meaning.

Rounding out the food recall news for the month of June are Kroger, Marie Callender, and Lancaster Foods bagged spinach.

Kroger grocery stores recently issued a recall of its Deluxe Chocolate Paradise Ice Cream because the packaging fails to specify that the product may contain tree nuts. Only specific stores reportedly were affected by this recall, including a number of stores in our home state of South Carolina. Marie Callender Cheesy Chicken and Rice frozen meals have been recalled following a salmonella outbreak that has reportedly sickened at least eight people. The Marie Callender recall reportedly affects approximately 800,000 of the single-serve dinners. Finally, 67,000 bags of packaged fresh spinach sold in several states along the East Coast, under names including Krisp-Pak, Lancaster Fresh, Giant, and America’s Choice, have been recalled due to a possible Listeria contamination.

Alas, the start of summer is no time to start a garden. Local farmers’ markets may be the ticket.

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