Friday Links

Today sees the release of The Wolverine, the latest Marvel Comics movie blockbuster (once again featuring Hugh Jackman as the title character).  We’re torn over whether to see it after the disaster that was 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Above, you’ll find the cover of Wolverine #2, published way, way back in the golden age of X-Men comics in 1982. (Yes, we bought this issue and enjoyed it back in the 1980’s.). Though not legally themed (and thus, technically off topic for Friday Links), nostalgia prompts us to post this cover in light of the release of a major motion picture featuring the same character. Don’t worry; it’s okay to go off topic sometimes.

Sigh: “Why do people think the lady who sued McDonald’s over hot coffee is dumb?”  Once again, we direct everyone’s attention to Abnormal Use’s “Stella Liebeck McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case FAQ,” in which we used the original documents from the case and contemporary media accounts to dispel the myths about the case.

Meanwhile: “There seems to be something inherently sad attached to piano bars.

Meanwhile, in movie lawsuit news, we direct you to this article from Austinist entitled “Terrence Malick Can’t Be Bothered With Your Lawsuit.” Malick, of course, is the famed director of Days of Heaven, The Thin Red Line, and Badlands.

Speaking of movies, this is the coolest (and scariest) movie trailers we’ve seen in some time. (Hat tip: Shaun Usher).


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