Friday Links

Above, you will find the cover of Superman #41 published way, way back in 1946.  As you can see, Superman seems to be frustrated with a case of writer’s block.  We definitely empathize with his dilemma – especially when due dates are upon us.  But, we must wonder why Superman is writing his own comic in the first place.  Talk about the opportunity to flatter one’s self.  Faster than a speeding bullet?  More powerful than a locomotive?  Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound?  Whatever you say, Superman.  It’s amazing he ever revealed the whole green Kryptonite vulnerability thing.  Alas.

Here is an interesting article from The New Yorker discussing the drawbacks of Entropica, the latest artificial intelligence system garnering tons of internet buzz.  We think the authors could have saved a lot of time and Internet space by simply reminding us of The Matrix.

According to a Gawker report, a supermarket chain in the United Kingdom has been ordered to recall bags of nuts for failing to disclose that they contain nuts.  You might recall our own Stuart Mauney discussing a similar issue some time ago.  (Hat tip:  Overlawyered).

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