New Year’s Day

Well, it’s now 2013.  How about that? We here at Abnormal Use are big fans of U2, so today always reminds us of the fabled track by that band, “New Year’s Day.” If you believe Wikipedia, this song – an anthem of many – was released as a single on January 1, 1983 – thirty years ago today – in conjunction with the band’s third album, War.

This got us thinking about songs of the New Year and the anniversaries of same.

“In The New Year,” from The Walkmen’s You & Me album, turns five this year.

“The New Year,” the lead track on Death Cab for Cutie’s Transatlanticism album, turns ten this year.

“New Year’s Prayer,” on the late, great Jeff Buckley’s posthumous Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk compilation album, turns 15 this year.

“New Year,” by the Breeders, and from their popular Last Splash LP, turns twenty this year.

Lastly, we direct you to The New Year, a band who in 2008, released a self titled album, which will soon celebrate its fifth anniversary.

Suddenly, we feel like making a mix tape. While we do that, we wish you a safe and merry New Year’s Day.

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