Friday Links

  • If you didn’t see this past weekend’s “Saturday Night Live” parody of lawyer Gloria Allred, please see the clip above.
  • Alas, poor “Outlaw,” we hardly knew ye. Deadline Hollywood reported this week that NBC finally pulled the plug on the struggling drama just a week after it placed the show on “production hiatus.” (Incidentally, in the law firm world, “production hiatus” is probably a term the senior partners use to describe vacationing associates.). As for “Outlaw,” we were a bit confused by the show’s premise, which we noted in our review of the first episode. The terrible blow of this loss, though, is softened somewhat by the news of a forthcoming Napoleon Dynamite animated series.
  • Todd Zywicki of The Volokh Conspiracy notes that the Center for Class Action Fairness has objected to the class action proposed settlement, as the class will receive $117,374, while the lawyers have asked for $1.05 million.
  • We congratulate Texas Lawyer Roger G. “Bob” Vial who, according to this post at the Tex Parte Blog, recently spent his 85th birthday working in his law office. According to his Texas Bar profile, he was initially licensed in September of 1950, no doubt making him a temporal contemporary of Don Draper. After long hours of document review, we sometimes feel like we’re octogenarians, but we can’t imagine actually being eighty years old and choosing to come into the law office, or work of any kind, for that matter. Kudos to Mr. Vial for his commitment to the profession.
  • The Legal Blog Watch has its own commentary following up on our earlier post about the Wii class action litigation.
  • Earlier this week, we published our interview with criminal law professor Mark Osler of the University of St. Thomas School of Law. Here is a post from his blog linking to our post and offering a thought or two on the interview.

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