Abnormal Use Interviewed by South Carolina Lawyers Weekly

Last week, we reported on a Halloween-themed lawsuit aimed at Six Flags. In that piece, we briefly debated some of the potential torts found in some of our favorite horror movies. Let us tell you, slasher films could be a plaintiff’s lawyer’s dream.

Well, apparently, we weren’t the only ones pondering such things. Lawyer-journalist Amber Nimocks of South Carolina Lawyers Weekly read that post and interviewed our very own Nick Farr on fanciful horror movie causes of action. The article, entitled, “Ghoul Torts,” ran in the print edition of this week’s issue. The article begins:

Which occupational hazard for lawyers becomes most acute this time of year? The inability to watch horror movies without constantly drafting claims for the victims in your head.

For those who may have an online subscription to South Carolina Lawyers Weekly, you can check out the full version here. If you don’t have a subscription, we hope you can find someone who does. Farr did a great job explaining this very important issue.

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